the artist  
The three main components of Leif Jacobsson's work are painting, sculpture and objects. He often combines these three to create works which are neither nor or all at once - mountable wall sculptures, embossed paintings with a suggestion of the three dimensional.

Metal is a regular feature in the artist's sculptural work, which contrasts sharply against the softer textures of the painted surface. His works achieve the all-embracing and they should not only express the aesthetic but also the suggestive, regardless if the work is a poetical expression of nature or a depiction of an urbanised environment.

The choice of materials and the size of Jacobsson's works vary greatly. They are sometimes theme-related and form part of a larger network. Traces of elements such as earth and water and geological formations meet with architectonic structures or pure images of nature to form a loose poetical union.

The different galleries represent different lines of work, each line is a series in a specific project. All the different lines are in progress independently from each other.

Leif Jacobsson is represented in Stockholm by
Ingela S Gallery

Member of the Swedish Sculptors' Association

Awarded "Tierps Kommuns kulturstipendium 2013"

Named "Vattenfalls konstförenings årskonstnär 2013"

– Stockholm School of Art and Craft
(Konstfackskolan) Stockholm 1982-1983
– Royal Academy of Fine Art
Copenhagen 1983-1984
– Royal Academy of Fine Art
Stockholm 1984-1988